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Steve Cohen's Investment in a Blockchain Company Champ Titles

Steve Cohen leads the C Round $18M raise for Champ Titles, a leading provider of digital vehicle title, registration, and lien systems of record in the United States using blockchain technology.

Congregations to A100X Fund for its portfolio company's successful raise.

“The current title management process is largely paper-based, error-prone and requires significant time and effort from all parties involved,” said Adam Carson, partner at Point72 Ventures, in a statement. “We believe Champ Titles’ platform offers a comprehensive and simplified solution for state DMVs and addresses a longstanding pain point.”

Champ Titles CEO Shane Bigelow comments that the company made the decision to use blockchain technology after he and his business partner surveyed around the country.

“It had to be immutable, it had to be auditable, and it had to be something that was highly cryptographically secure,” said Bigelow. “So blockchain became the answer that we pursued.”

For Bloomberg's full report and Champ Titles' press release, read here and here


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