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BlockchainAsia Newsletter #52

[BTC vs. Gold, vs. AI, rate cut or not, RWA that connects Asia and the Middle East, the largest pension fund researching crypto, FalconX expanding to Hong Kong, 4 events in Asia worth attending]

The latest issue of BlockchainAsia, the content arm of KGA, covers the trends of Bitcoin and ETH in comparison with Gold and AI. From the macro perspective, the Fed paints a rosy picture of the U.S. economy, while globally some major economies are sliding into recession.

Deals and positive developments in Asia continue to flow.

As suggested by some subscribers, updates about the U.S. are included in this issue and will be for future ones.

Three podcast interviews of 2024 are available via BlockchainAsia Podcast covering topics from crypto liquid funds and passive funds (HashKey Capital), Bitcoin halving (Canaan Inc.), and Web3 mass adoption, DePin and Web3 AI (Future3 Campus).

Additionally, it recommends 4 events in Asia:

Hong Kong Web3 Festival, Hong Kong, April 6-9

Bitcoin Asia, Hong Kong, May 9-10

DEVCON Southeast Asia, Bangkok, Nov. 9-17

Sora Ordinal Summit, Taipei, December 13-14

For the full newsletter, go to the link


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