We help grow and transform

early to established companies

About Us

We help grow and transform early to established companies by serving as strategic & tactical partners to entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and investment funds.


While we work with companies across industries, we have a particular focus and expertise working with financial services, Fintech, blockchain, and digital & crypto asset related firms.


Our geographic focus is the U.S. and Asia, including Greater China, Japan, and Singapore, though our relationships, partnerships and impact are global.




+ Identify target markets

+ Position products/services

+ Develop action plans and pursue opportunities

Strategic Introductions

+ Make critical, senior level introductions to partners

& decision-makers  

Plug & Play

+ Serve as board members

+ Work alongside and/or integrate into existing management teams

We very often work with companies facing an inflection point – acceleration,

pivoting or turn-around of a business, when the company is in need of

strategic investment & partners and/or clients & revenue.



Change Growth Trajectory

Comfort and Confidence

Create Value for Shareholders

Leveraging our experience, domain expertise, trusted reputations and global network,

we connect  people, companies and capital to deliver desired results

in less time, at lower cost and reduced risk. Domain expertise




KGA's founders have over 50 years combined of both strategic, operational and global experience, having served not only in managerial positions at Fortune 100 firms but also having founded multiple start-ups.  Both have built and grown businesses in emerging markets.  Our story

Coco Kee


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Coco has extensive experience in market entry, business development, marketing & sales, cross border strategies and tactics and investment banking in the U.S. and China...Read More

Kevin M. Goldstein


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Ex-Wall Street executive turned entrepreneur, he founded two start-ups and has helped three companies successfully exit. He has broad and deep expertise across financial...Read More



We regularly interact with and speak alongside entrepreneurs, business executives and thought leaders around the world. We often volunteer and serve various communities.

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