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"As once an avid climber of the world’s tallest mountains, the mental, emotional and physical challenges of my Himalayan and Andes mountaineering expeditions taught me many things.


Being an entrepreneur or business leader can be lonely, daunting and risky, if not perilous…to be successful, unyielding belief, persistence, patience, intelligence and emotional strength are required…effective leadership, management, and communication are essential.


Launching, leading and building a business is similar to being an expedition leader or climber of Mt. Everest…to “summit” requires a good strategy well executed and usually a little luck…you may “climb” alone but you succeed as a team…a step back may be needed to take two steps forward…adaptability, the ultimate measure of intelligence, is always required to achieve success!"



"I grew up in a coastal city in Southern China. My maternal great grandmother, whom I spent significant time with in childhood, had bounded feet. One of my ancestors was the tutor of China’s last Emperor PU Yi and another was the Vice Admiral of Chiang Kai-shek's navy in Taiwan.


I left my small home city in mid 80's and embarked on a long, enlightening and rewarding journey. I was admitted to Peking University, rode the tide of China's Reform Era, following DENG Xiaoping's Southern Tour of 1992, helping Fortune 100 companies throughout the 1990's launch and expand their business in China. During this time I was also the first person to bring American movies to China. From 2000-'02, I obtained an MBA at U.C. Berkeley, where I witnessed the peak and burst of the tech bubble and was also fortunate to study macro economics with former U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen.


In 2002, I settled in New York. I love this city, its energy and, in particular, its people, who dare to believe in and pursue their dreams." 


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Our Story

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From start-ups to well established companies, we are proud to be part of the endeavors of some great leaders and teams, including the following:

Cadence is now Percent
Joff Fintech
Protego Trust Bank
Acquired by Galaxy Digital
A100x AngelList Venture
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