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Update on BlockFi, Chapm Titles, Galaxy Vision Hill

BlockFi partners with Visa to launch the first bitcoin reward credit card in the world. BlockFi's Twitter account posted on August 13:

It is a historic day indeed. For more details, read here.

Equally encouraging is the announcement from Champ Titles about its closing of $8.5 million Series A. Champ Titles, with its blockchain-based technology, is disrupting how vehicle titles are created, managed and transferred in the U.S. Among the investors is A 100x Ventures.

Vision Hill Group, now part of Galaxy Digital, launched the second crypto Fund of Funds, the first FoFs for Galaxy Digital. The FoFs, backed by Franklyn Templeton, raised $33.75 million to invest in pre-seed and seed projects related to DeFi, NFT, Web 3.0 infrastructure and services. For details, read here.

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