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Asia is the other side of the coin

Several days ago, messages kept popping up on WeChat messenger late at night. They were either video clips or newspaper clips, all about the outperformance of bitcoin and Ether over other asset classes.

Fully aware of it I did not understand why my Chinese friends kept sending these to me. I asked them why. They urged me to look closer. Aha, I got it. The clips are all from the Chinese central government's media mouthpiece. In the U.S. I take it for granted to talk about cryptocurrency freely. However, in China, it is still a taboo. The media controlled by the central government openly talking about cryptocurrency in a positive way is a big deal to a lot of Chinese.

Do all the reports indicate that the government may change its attitude towards cryptocurrency? My read is, don't hold your breath.

In spite of my assumption, there are still a lot of positive things happening in China with regard to the blockchain, crypto & digital asset ecosystem as this issue of BlockChain Asia highlights. Read here

Now, as much as ever before, Asia is the other side of the coin, intertwined closely with the West.


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