Why people start to get more excited about cryptocurrency

People are getting increasingly interested in crypto & digital assets. KGA's Co-founder joined 3 other Berkeley alumni to share their personal journeys and learnings with fellow alumni in both the U.S. and Asia. Four of the speakers coming from different background, but obviously, we share the same curiosity and interest in crypto & digital assets.

Here are some take-aways of the discussion.

1) We are concerned about excessive supply of US dollar and its value in the mid to long term. As a result, the need for diversification in one's investment portfolio is becoming imminent.

2) Interest paid by the bank has slumped to minimal. People want to look for higher yield for their savings.

3) Centralized finance and Decentralized finance have been innovative with enticing offerings for investors.

4) We all agree that the risks of crypto & digital assets, a new asset class, come from the failure to comply with regulations.

5) Younger alumni are more attracted by DeFi (Decentralized Finance) due to much more friendilier onboarding process and user interface, as well as exploding returns. The question remains that for how long can the DeFI projects underwrite the high yield which seems to know no limit.