China's Internet Industry Landscape and PE investment landscape

We came across two great reports and would like to share with our readers.

The first report is co-authored by SouthChina Morning Post and abacus. This 110-page report provided an insight into the development of 2018, the trends of 2019 and a deep dive into multiple industries such as gaming, blockchain, social media... To have a quick glimpse into China's tech scene, this report is recommended. To download the full report, please go to

Another report by Bain Company is Asia Pacific Private Equity Report 2019. It points out that, though PE industry is continuing the momentum of 2018, three disconcerting developments in the market may have a negative impact down the road, 1) US-China trade tensions are increasing the risk of disrupting the macroeconomics in China and across the region 2) deal prices remain high while interest rates are rising steadily 3) the emergence of winner-take-all dynamic, smaller and emerging funds experience more challenges to raise funding and survive. For the full report, please visit the link.